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臺北市立成淵高中102學年度上學期 高一英文第一次月考


I. 聽力測驗: 10題,每題1分。10%

Part 1: Picture Questions

Look at each picture and answer the question.



Part 2: Best Response Questions

Listen to the question or statement and choose the best response.

3. (A) I’m learning how to play baseball.

(B) Because I need to practice this song.

(C) I don’t want Mom to hear me.

(D) I want to see if this skirt fits.

4. (A) Yes. I think I see it.

(B) Right. It isn’t there.

(C) No. It’s likely closed.

(D) No. I’ve never been there.

5. (A) Right. He really enjoys school.

(B) Yes, his parents raised him well.

(C) Yeah. His team members are nice.

(D) No, his job isn’t that great.

Part 3: Conversation Questions

Listen to each conversation and answer the question.

6. (A) Adding more water.

(B) Not using water at all.

(C) Using less water.

(D) Heating the water up.

7. (A) It’s his favorite one.

(B) It’s not right for the party.

(C) They’re not allowed to use it.

(D) Someone is already using it.

8. (A) Nothing interesting.

(B) Many different interesting things.

(C) Many of the same kind of thing.

(D) Only one interesting thing.

Part 4: Short Talk Questions

Listen to the following paragraph and answer the questions.

9. (A) The driver doesn’t need protection.

(B) It can’t weigh more than eighty kilograms.

(C) It can’t be longer than five meters.

(D) It has no engine inside.

10. (A) They happen often.

(B) They don’t cause injuries.

(C) They can be serious.

(D) They cause the driver to lose the race.

II. 字彙或片語: 10題,每題1分。10%

11. When John to the noise of the traffic, it was already past noon.

(A) crept (B) awoke

(C) melted (D) greeted

12. You shouldn’t miss the to see the musical; it’s rarely put on.

(A) association (B) opportunity

(C) obstacle (D) continent

13. The process of running in an ultramarathon includes testing a runner’s physical limits and

his own doubts and fears.

(A) conquering (B) frightening

(C) mingling (D) assisting

14. Many people go to Hualien for the coastline views. They are surely the must-see.

(A) suitable (B) chunking

(C) trendy (D) stunning

15. Many children enjoy playing in the park

by the river.

(A) stretched (B) responded

(C) located (D) received

16. Winnie is taking evening classes to learn Japanese.

(A) discovering (B) prompting

(C) considering (D) refusing

17. As applicants get one by one after each interview, only ten top students will get admitted to this well-noted university.

(A) eliminated (B) demonstrated

(C) communicated (D) organized

18. This project is a complete failure; it doesn’t work. Therefore, we will have to start it all .

(A) safe and sound (B) get under way

(C) as soon as they can (D) from scratch

19. Miss Karen is such a kind special education teacher. She designs and modifies lessons for students with mild disabilities so that they can learn more


(A) extremely (B) traditionally

(C) effectively (D) lively

20. Even though the conditions are hard, Jane still remains and looks on the bright side.

(A) passionately (B) optimistic

(C) breathtaking (D) backwards

III. 克漏字: 10題,每題1分。10%

(A) There are some habits that benefit everyone’s brain. Through crossword puzzles, trivia games, and Sudoku can keep your mind sharp. Regular exercise like walking and running helps 21. the amount of oxygen in your brain and improves brain function. Keeping fit also reduces stress; stress can 22.

your focus and your memory. Eating foods that protect your brain cells naturally 23. memory. These foods include berries, broccoli, carrots, and green tea. Moreover, the omega-3 fatty acids are good for your brain. Memories are made in your brain, so the more you take care of it, 24. . Just take the right steps to unlock the power of your mind.

21. (A) strengthening (B) linked

(C) increase (D) to introducing

22. (A) suggest (B) affect

(C) urge (D) crawl

23. (A) enhance (B) enhancing

(C) enhanced (D) enhances

24. (A) you will remember the more

(B) the more you will remember

(C) the more will you remember

(D) will you remember the more

(B) Despite the achievements on running, Tommy Chen, a famous Taiwanese ultramarathon runner, faced his biggest challenge of all in 2011: throat cancer. The disease didn’t crush his spirit. He 25. , began to train again, and returned to racing six months later. He wanted to 26. a positive example for those who are fighting their way through their own challenge. From the lessons that he has learned from races, he said that the spirit of being an ultramarathon runner 27. developing the right attitude and enjoying the process of running.

25. (A) showed off (B) was aimed at nothing

(C) responded in anger (D) underwent treatment

26. (A) serve as (B) be known to

(C) compete in (D) speak up

27. (A) put up (B) lies in

(C) is low in (D) is supposed to

(C) Top Hooker, Discovery Channel’s new reality series, shows not the common sport of fishing. Competitors must face 28. wild challenges on the sea, through the air, and in rivers and lakes. To win, they must put their muscle, brain, and experience to the test. 29. makes Top Hooker especially interesting to watch is the competitors. Each has a skill and background that 30. him or her 30. the others. Competitors display their skills and share their fishing adventures. Viewers are shown how exciting fishing can be.

28. (A) a number of (B) a great deal of

(C) a huge amount of (D) a usual collection of

29. (A) That (B) Which

(C) What (D) How

30. (A) cheers … on (B) thinks of … as

(C) shares … in (D) distinguishes … from


I. 克漏字:共20題,每題2分。40%

(A) You can enjoy a close friendship with another person if you 31. . You cannot just sit back and wait for it; you have to make it happen. Friendship needs many different things. 32. , you should trust your friends, and then you can talk to them about your problems and share your feelings with them. Besides, if you and your friends have similar interests, you will 33. more time 33. the things you enjoy together. Friendship needs your time, care and attention. 34. having a friend keeps you busy, it also makes you happy. A good friend can support and accompany you when you feel down. Thus, keeping old friendships and starting new ones may 35. . time and effort, but it is 36. .

31. (A) come up with effort (B) make an effort

(C) push it to the limits (D) put up with it

32. (A) On the other hand (B) Except for them

(C) In conclusion (D) For example

33. (A) cost … to do (B) spend … doing

(C) finish … to do (D) end up … doing

34. (A) Unless (B) Despite

(C) Although (D) Until

35. (A) take (B) handle

(C) matter (D) raise

36. (A) worth (B) worthy

(C) worth it (D) not worth doing well

(B) One day, I broke a small window of an old lady’s house. Her newspaper was delivered by me every day. I feared 37. , so I took off 38. . When I was sure that I wasn’t in trouble, I started to feel sorry about the thing 39. I had done and uncomfortable in her presence. I decided to save seven dollars that would cover the cost of repairing the window. Then, I put the money in an envelope and wrote a note. It said that I was sorry for breaking her window and 40. the money would cover the cost of repairing it. I walked quietly to her house and slipped the envelope under the door. I felt 41. and couldn’t wait to look straight into her eyes once again. The next day, she returned the money and wrote me a short note that said, “ I 42. you!”

37. (A) being caught (B) catching

(C) been caught (D) to catch

38. (A) by accident (B) without delay

(C) on time (D) in public

39. (A) what (B) in which

(C) that (D) where

40. (A) I hope (B) so that I hoped

(C) hoping that (D) that I hoped

41. (A) relaxing (B) stirred

(C) relieved (D) attracting

42. (A) am ashamed of (B) am proud of

(C) take interest in (D) have no faith in

(C) People throughout the world use body language to talk without speaking, but the meanings of it can

43. . A positive gesture in one country can mean something quite different in another country. In India, people use the head bobble to show that they strongly

44. other people. This can be confusing for Westerners, who shake their heads from left to right to show 45. . Some people say that the Indian head bobble came from watching snake charmers. The snakes move from side to side when they are not going to bite 46. means “I am 47. no threat to you.” This may be why Indians use the head bobble to express a positive answer. Sometimes, using the wrong gesture in the wrong place can 48. a lot of trouble. In Greece, the gesture of showing one’s palm toward someone is very 49. because, in earlier times, Greek criminals’ faces were placed ashes with an open palm. 50. this tradition, when Greeks wave goodbye, the palms of their hands face inward.

43. (A) change gloriously (B) mix uglily

(C) crash amazingly (D) vary widely

44. (A) look into (B) agree with

(C) think of (D) drive away

45. (A) disagreement (B) perfection

(C) consciousness (D) nuttiness

46. (A) , that (B) and

(C) , which (D) whose

47. (A) at (B) on

(C) in (D) of

48. (A) result from (B) cause

(C) make up (D) give off

49. (A) insulting (B) unbeatable

(C) meaningful (D) expressive

50. (A) As a result (B) Because

(C) As a result of (D) Instead of

II. 文法選擇:共4題,每題2分。8%

51. Lisa left her homework half and went to bed.

(A) to do (B) doing (C) done (D) do

52. I handed the old lady her newspaper, her warm smile.

(A) and happily returning (B) was happily returned

(C) to return happily (D) happily returning

53. Vera saw something that a mouse in the kitchen.

(A) sounded (B) looked like

(C) feeling like (D) smelled

54. 下列句子何者為正確?

(A) My grandparents live in a house built in 1970.

(B) The boy leaving alone kept crying.

(C) Anyone wants to dance and have fun is welcome to join our club.

(D) The story writing in English shows that knowledge is power.



III. 文意字彙12每題1分。12%

1. Scott’s parents always e him to try

something more challenging ; they believe that it

will be good for her.

2. This high school provides its students with a wide

v y of clubs to choose from.

3. Based on the government’s ca n, the birth rate will continue to drop this year.

4. Jane has stopped talking to her boyfriend, Andy, for two weeks. Clearly, she has not fo him for telling lies repeatedly.

5. The serious pollution in this river will t n the wildlife in the forest. That is, these animals might die soon.

6. Sue was grounded for a week by her mother as a

p t for returning home late.

7. Luckily for me, a kind-hearted woman came to my

r e when I found my wallet was stolen.

8. The meal was so sa g that I was too full to have anything for dessert.

9. The old man led a m e life, sick and alone.

10. Being deserted by their keepers, the dogs almost

s d to death because they couldn’t find any food to eat.

11. These pictures are so p s to me, for they always remind me of my childhood memories. I take care of them carefully.

12. The typhoon brought serious de n to the city; many roads and bridges were damaged and could not be used again.

IV. 翻譯每句510%


1. 令我驚訝的是,David不再害怕這個困難而且下定決心要克服它。(To..., David ...)(困難d開頭)(下定決心用片語寫)(句子用過去式寫)

2. 當提到學習英文,事實是如此的只要你努力,你就能成功。(When it ..., the ....)

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III. 文意字彙12每題1分。12%











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