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 = 1 * ROMAN I. Vocabulary : 1~10: 1 %; 11~15: 2%

1. I could not _____ the sweet smell from the bakery, so I walked in and bought a fresh loaf of bread.

(A) insist (B) resist (C) obtain (D) contain

2. Steve has several meetings to attend every day; therefore. He has to work on a very _____ schedule.

(A) temporary (B) various (C) tight (D) emergent

3. Michael Phelps, an America swimmer, broke seven world records and won eight gold medals in men’s swimming _____ in the 2008 Olympics.

(A) drills (B) techniques (C) routines (D) contests

4. Badly injured in the car accident, Jason could ______ move his legs and was sent to the hospital right away.

(A) accordingly (B) undoubtedly (C) handily (D) scarcely

5. When people feel uncomfortable or nervous, they may ______ their arms across their chests as if to protect themselves.

(A) toss (B) fold (C) veil (D) yield

6. With rising oil prices, there is an increasing ______ for people to ride bicycles to work.

(A) permit (B) instrument (C) appearance (D) tendency

7. With the worsening global economic conditions, it seems wiser and more ______ to keep cash in the bank rather than to invest in the stock market.

(A) sensible (B) portable (C) explicit (D) anxious

8. Simon loves his work. To him, work always comes first, and family and friends are _____.

(A) secondary (B) permanent (C) sociable (D) capable

9. This tour package is very adventurous, and that one looks _____ exciting. I don’t know which one to choose from.

(A) equally (B) annually (C) merely (D) gratefully

10. The police searched the house of the suspect ________. They almost turned the whole house upside down.

(A) relatively (B) thoroughly (C) casually (D) individually

11. Many newly set-ups are closed in their first year of business. A lot of them lack ________ and thus can’t find their niche in the market.

(A) ingenuity (B) commission (C) harmony (D) segment

12. The weather is getting colder and colder. Maybe we could head to one winter ______ in the southern part of Taiwan and enjoy the facilities there.

(A) district (B) boutique (C) resort (D) premise

13. Your membership will ________ next month. You should bring relevant document to renew it by this weekend.

(A) modify (B) expire (C) dispute (D) import

14. The Ministry of Education is considering postpone the practice of 12-year-long compulsory education by the _______ social atmosphere.

(A) current (B) modest (C) abundant (D) original

15. After the orientation, my best friend and I went to our department ________ and had our own class for the rest of the day.

(A) originally (B) respectively (C) considerably (D) partially

 = 2 * ROMAN II. Cloze : 1%

(A) Though Hayao Miyazaki delivered his retirement speech earlier this year, his work will

never be left into oblivion. The high reputation of Miyazaki is achieved not only with his dedication and devotion to animation, but also 16. the originality that his films display. Though themes of transformation have also been presented in works of Disney, Miyazaki’s overall constructions appear to be closer to life than 17. of Disney’s. In the film, Spirited Away, Chihiro’s determination and endurance parallel the magic power. Girls would want to be as brave and hard-working as Chihiro after watching the film. 18. true-to-life elements, this movie wouldn’t have received such an immense extent of resonation.

The fact that Miyazaki, now 72, is toward his limelight, somehow 19. that age won’t inhibit creativity. In fact, research shows that the job allotment is 20. assigned in younger brains. That is, the right hemisphere is only responsible for related functions and so is the left one. However, in the older brain, one hemisphere is not shy about calling on 21. for help if it’s having trouble with a task. Maybe this discovery can explain why Miyazaki could continuously weave picture and text so well since these two domains have long been considered under control of the right and left brain separately.

16. (A) to (B) on (C) with (D) about

17. (A) that (B) those (C) what (D) which

18. (A) According to (B) In spite of (C) Without (D) Unlike

19. (A) indicating (B) indicated (C) being indicated (D) indicates

20. (A) fairly (B) generally (C) endlessly (D) hardly

21. (A) another (B) the other (C) other (D) others

(B) As the idea of walking out of comfort zone and exploring the world becomes prevailing,

I think it’s time to rethink about this idea after watching the movie, The Legend of 1900.

On the boat, Virginian, which looked deserted and dilapidated, 22. one impeccable pianist, 1900. In fact, he was found abandoned by one sailor. That sailor adopted him and raised him up on the sea. Later, no sooner did 1900 hear the joyful music at one party 23. his legend began. One night, with his mind reminiscing about the song played at the party, 1900 sneaked into the ballroom. There, he found the piano. Right after his fingers passed over the keys, stunning melody thrilled the boat. It was as if he 24. piano lessons for a long time. 25. he was a music prodigy, people made frantic line to see him. Famous as he was, one thing perplexed all: He refused to get off the boat. The trumpet player, Max, suggested him to start business on land. 26. Max’s words, 1900 once was determined to get off the boat. While every crew member was looking forward to celebrating his triumphant of stepping on land, he flinched and shrank back at the last minute. This dramatic twist left everyone in astonishment. No one knew 27. he was to explain his retreat. And no one dared to ask. They just knew that in 28. of 1900’s remaining days, not even once did he show a scowl look or release sigh on such an irreversible move.

At the closure of the movie, 1900 stated, “ There are 88 notes for one piano. 29. the limited combination, I could create an infinite music world. But the city on land is infinite, it’s impossible for me to control the infinity. ” Among numerous quotes from this film, it is these very lines 30. give me a blow. In this light, it appears that we should act the way we feel in response to our calling rather than blindly obey the imposed construction of social value. Were it not for 1900’s intriguing story, this idea would never dawn on me.

22. (A) lived (B) living (C) had been living (D) would have lived

23. (A) that (B) than (C) for (D) as

24. (A) had been taken (B) took (C) had taken (D) would have taken

25. (A) It goes without saying that (B) Now that

(C) Regardless of the fact that (D) Chances were that

26. (A) Lifted by (B) Separated from

(C) Transferring to (D) Confronting with

27. (A) how (B) what (C) for which (D) that

28. (A) each (B) none (C) some (D) any

29. (A) Like (B) As far as (C) In spite of (D) With

30. (A) whose (B) to (C) , which (D) that

(C) Anita was shopping with her mother and enjoying it. Interestingly, both of them 31. buying the same pair of jeans.

According to a recent marketing study, young adults influence 88% of household clothing purchases. More often than not, those in their early twenties are the more 32. consumers. There isn’t a brand or a trend that these young people are not aware of. That is why mothers who want to keep abreast of trends usually 33. the expertstheir daughters. This tells the retailers of the world that if you want to get into a mother’s 34. , you’ve got to win her daughter over first.

With a DJ playing various kinds of music rather than just rap, and a mix of clothing labels designed more for taste and fashion than for a precise age, department stores have managed to appeal to successful middle-aged women 35. losing their younger customers. They have created a shopping environment where the needs of both mother and daughter are satisfied.

31. (A) gave up (B) ended up (C) took to (D) used to

32. (A) informed (B) informative (C) informal (D) informational

33. (A) deal with (B) head for (C) turn to (D) look into

34. (A) textbook (B) notebook (C) workbook (D) pocketbook

35. (A) in (B) while (C) after (D) without

 = 3 * ROMAN III. Passage Completion: 1%

(A) switch

(B) evolved

(C) reduce

(D) causes

(E) pesticides

(AB) banned

(AC) implement

(AD) transmit

(AE) campaigns

(BC) wake

Greenpeace organization is in an attempt to clean up the environment and keep the Earth in good condition for future generations. The group’s members hope that through educational 36. and protests, they can serve as the voice for our planet.

Greenpeace was founded in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada, in the 37. of the peace movement of the 1960s. It started when like-minded activists against nuclear weapons and violence came together. The name Greenpeace comes from a chartered ship that was used by the Don’t Make a Wave committee. As the group 38. and recruited more members, it started tackling other environmental issues as well. Some notable 39. include protecting ancient forests, promoting clean energy sources, and challenging companies that 40. destructive fishing or farming practices.

Greenpeace was also very active in lobbying governments and staging non-violent protests, which encouraged nations to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty designed to 41. greenhouse gas emissions. In 2012, Greenpeace activists managed to shut down 75 Shell gas stations in the UK.

Activists raided the stations and used an emergency 42. to prevent gasoline from reaching the pumps. Then they draped a “Save the Arctic” banner over the Shell logo to draw attention. Greenpeace also made news in Taiwan after it conducted a test revealing that fruits and vegetables sold in traditional markets may contain toxic pesticides, some of which are so harmful that they have already been 43. in Europe. While Greenpeace’s actions may seem disruptive and hostile at times, its ultimate aim to make the Earth greener and more peaceful is still highly valued.

 = 4 * ROMAN IV. Discourse: 2 %

(A) Resting on a hill above the German countryside, Neuschwanstein is one of the most splendid

fairytale castles in the world. Neuschwanstein itself is a hot tourist spot. 44. Yet, despite looking like it was built in the Middle Ages, the castle is not even 200 years old.

Neuschwanstein was the dream project of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Ludwig’s father died in 1864 and left the throne to Ludwig, who was 18 at the time. 45. In fact, he had very little actual power, since Bavaria’s government was in control of the kingdom. After Bavaria lost a decisive battle to Prussia and became part of Germany, Ludwig took it as a personal defeat first.

46. He longed to be a powerful, noble king just like the ones in medieval stories and Richard Wagner’s operas.

Moreover, Ludwig dreamed of having his own castle and made plans to build one. 47. The top of a large hill beated other choices. Workers used dynamite to flatten the hill and the latest steam technology to move building materials. Ludwig also wanted the castle’s interiors to be brimming with detailed tapestries, paintings, and ornate furniture. Sadly, Ludwig died several years into the construction of the castle. In the end, the castle was never finished. 48. If you ever find yourself in Germany searching for a magical place, make sure that Neuschwanstein Castle is on the top of your list .

(A)Ludwig was a king in name only.

(B)Later, he gradually retreated into a world of fantasy and fairy tales.

(C)And it’s also the inspiration for the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

(D)But, it is still an impressive structure.

(E)He chose a tough site to start construction.

(B) As a pianist, I was invited to perform with a cellist at the International Cello Festival in

Manchester, England. 49. Behind it was a moving story. At 4 p.m. on May 27, 1992, a long line slowly formed outside a bakery in Sarajevo, a war-shattered city. All of a sudden, a mortar shell fell directly into the middle of the line. 50. Seeing the massacre outside his window, Vedran Smailovic, a renowned cellist, decided to take some action. He decided to let the most mournful and haunting music covey the sorrow. During the next twenty-two days, he played it to the empty streets and to the terrified people hiding in the cellars while the bomb exploded. With buildings blown off around him, he showed his courage to fight for peace. 51. Touched by this story, David Wilde, an English composer, wrote a composition for an unaccompanied cello called “The Cellist of Sarajevo.” Yo-Yo Ma played the exact piece on that evening in England. In the beginning the music created a shadowy, empty universe. 52. When the performance was over, everyone in the hall remained silent for a long time. The complex feeling toward massacre was successfully intertwined well with the song and penetrated into everyone’s heart. 53. The two men hugged and cried. From the story, I realized that music is a gift that we all share.

(A) Slowly, it grew into a furor which gripped the audience.

(B) Miraculously, though the shelling went on, he was never hurt.

(C) In just a blink, twenty-two people’s lives were claimed.

(D) Then Yo-Yo Ma stood up to meet Vedran Smailovic.

(E) In one of the concerts, Yo-Yo Ma played a composition.

 = 5 * ROMAN V. Reading Comprehension: 2%

(A) If you touch your finger to a hot stove, you know it’s going to hurt. However, if you convince

yourself beforehand that the pain won’t be so bad, you might not suffer as much. According to a recent study, the part of your brain that reacts to severe pain is largely the same part that reacts to expectation of pain.

Researchers in this study worked with 10 volunteers, ages 24 to 46. Each volunteer wore a device that gave out 20-second-long pulses of heat to the right leg. There were three levels of heat, producing mild, moderate, or strong pain. During training, the volunteers would first hear a tone, followed by a period of silence, and then feel a heat pulse. They then learned to associate the length of the silent pause with the intensity of the upcoming heat pulse. The longer the pause, the stronger the heat pulse would be, causing more severe pain.

A day or two later, the real experiment began. The researchers found that the parts of the brain involved in learning, memory, emotion, and touch became more active as the volunteers expected higher levels of pain. These were mainly the same areas that became active when participants actually felt pain. Interestingly, when the volunteers expected only mild or moderate pain but experienced severe pain, they reported feeling 28 percent less pain than when they expected severe pain and actually got it.

The new study emphasizes that pain has both physical and psychological elements. Understanding how pain works in the mind and brain could eventually give doctors tools for helping people cope with painful medical treatments.

54. What is the main idea of the passage?

(A) We should learn to be sensitive to pain.

(B) Our feeling of pain is decided by our environment.

(C) How people feel pain remains unknown to scientists.

(D) Our reaction to pain is closely related to our expectation of pain.

55. How did the volunteers learn to expect different levels of heat?

(A) From the loudness of the tone they heard.

(B) From the instruction given to them by the researchers.

(C) From the color of a light flashing on the device they wore.

(D) From the length of the pause between a tone and the heat pulse.

(B) No budget for your vacation? Try home exchangesswapping houses with strangers. Agree to use each other’s cars, and you can save bucks on car rentals, too.

Home exchanges are not new. At least one group, Intervac, has been facilitating such an arrangement since 1953. But trading online is gaining popularity these days, with several sites in operation, including HomeExchanges. Founded in 1992, with some 28,000 listings, this company bills itself as the world’s largest home exchange club, reporting that membership has increased 30% this year.

The annual fee is usually less than US$100. Members can access thousands of listings for apartments, villas, suburban homes and farms around the world. Initial contact is made via e-mail, with subsequent communication usually by phone. Before a match is made, potential swappers tend to discuss a lot.

However, the concept may sound risky to some people. What about theft? Damage? These are reasonable causes for concern, but equally unlikely. As one swapper puts it, “Nobody is going to fly across the ocean or drive 600 miles to come steal your TV. Besides, at the same time they’re staying in your home, you are staying in their home.”

Exchange sites recommend that swappers discuss such matters ahead of time. They may fill out an agreement spelling out who shoulders which responsibilities if a problem arises. It does not matter if the agreement would hold up in court, but it does give the exchangers a little satisfaction.

Generally, the biggest complaint among home exchangers has to do with different standards of cleanliness. Swappers are supposed to make sure their home is in order before they depart, but one person’s idea of “clean” may be more forgiving than another’s. Some owners say if they come back to a less-than-sparkling kitchen, it may be inconvenient but would not sour them on future exchanges.

56. Which of the following is closest in meaning to “bills” in the second paragraph?

(A) advertises (B) dedicates (C) replaces (D) participates

57. What is recommended in the passage to deal with theft and damage concerns?

(A) One can file a lawsuit in court.

(B) Both parties can trade online.

(C) Both parties can sign an agreement beforehand.

(D) One can damage the home of the other party in return.

(C) According to popular folklore, many animals are smarter than they appear. Dogs bark before earthquakes; cattle predict rainfall by sitting on the ground. But cattle may have another hidden talent in telling which way is north.

Small animals such as mole rats living underground are known for the use of magnetism to navigate. Dr. Begall and her colleagues wanted to know whether larger mammals also have the ability to perceive magnetic fields. They investigated this possibility by studying images of thousands of cattle captured on Google Earth, a website that stitches together satellite photographs to produce an image of the Earth’s surface.

Grazing animals are known to orient themselves in a way that minimizes wind chill from the north and maximizes the warmth of the sun when they are cold. The researchers therefore had to study a lot of cows grazing in lots of different places at different times of day, in order to average out these factors and see whether cattle could act like compass needles.

The researchers concluded that cattle do generally orient themselves in a north-south direction. This north-south preference has also been noted in flies, termites and honeybees. But unfortunately, even the high resolution of Google Earth is not powerful enough to tell which end of the cow is its head, and which its tail. The researchers were therefore unable to answer their research questions of whether cattle prefer to look north or south, and whether that differs in the northern and southern hemispheres.

58. Which of the following factors might affect Dr. Begall’s research result?

(A) Rainfall. (B) Earthquakes. (C) Location. (D) Cost.

59. What is the major finding of Dr. Begall’s study?

(A) Cattle point north-south. (B) Magnetism can’t be studied scientifically.

(C) Animals prefer to look south. (D) Google Earth is a reliable research tool.


 = 6 * ROMAN VI. Vocabulary : 1%

1. My new year’s r_______n is to enter a good college and bring out my best. I wish I can be an influential figure in my field.

2. Regarding this tricky ci________e, we shouldn’t judge Sally too harsh. If we were Sally, we probably would also feel a sense of loss.

3. Many citizens agree that our mayor should put more e_______s on urban reform rather than highlighting the construction in downtown area.

4. Sam has a________ted to conquer Mt. Everest for several times, but the dense fog always fails him. Hope he would succeed this time.

5. People who can enjoy s_________y life are the ones who can find joy while being alone.

6. People around the island were thrown into o_________e and went on the march to express their anger over the government’s negligence of food safety.

7. Acclaimed tennis players Hsieh and Peng were o__________med and burst into tear when they claimed the championship of Women’s’ Doubles in Wimbledon.

8. Many artists like to stay in New York City. They