五月 10, 2012



Listening Section: 10%

I. Pictures 每題1Listen to the questions. Then choose the best answer according to each picture.

1. ______

2. ______

II. Best Response 每題1

Choose the best response to each question or statement.

3. A. I try to recycle a lot of milk cartons too.

B. I need to watch the amount of fat I eat.

C. I got most of my shopping list done today.

D. I like gifts that are wrapped in beautiful paper.

4. A. He has a lot of potential in this career.

B. Taking medication is a good safeguard.

C. Yeah, he should have been more sensible.

D. Yeah, the newspaper dealt with the Internet scandal.

5. A. That really helps during the morning rush.

B. Traffic efficiency could be better in the city.

C. But the interior of the car has so many electronics.

D. They’ve increased the enforcement of traffic laws in this area.

III. Short Conversations 每題1

Listen to the conversations. Then answer the questions.

6. A. Because her bags will be overweight.

B. Because international flights are more expensive.

C. Because she’ll have more bags than are allowed.

D. Because she changed her plane ticket at the last minute.

7. A. His own 3D television.

B. A strong desire to learn.

C. An awesome imagination.

D. More intelligence than his father.

8. A. It allows the user to watch DVDs.

B. It makes computer graphics clearer.

C. It automatically restarts the computer when it crashes.

D. It allows two or more tasks to be done at the same time.

IV. Short Talk 每題1

Listen to the talk. Then choose the best answer to each question.

9. A. She wants to quit.

B. She wants to become the CEO.

C. It is too easy for her.

D. It is too exhausting for her.

10. A. The desire to make purchases.

B. Her relatives from Europe.

C. Eating unhealthy foods.

D. Her ex-coworkers.

Reading section:

I. Vocabulary: 10% (每題1)

11. We keep track of daily weather forecasts and dress _______.

(A) fantastically (B) intentionally (C) consequently (D) accordingly

12. He learned how to make a vase when he was ________ to a potter.

(A) abandoned (B) monitored (C) apprenticed (D) depleted

13. Those eco-friendly cars are _____ by electric motors.

(A) excelled (B) conserved (C) cushioned (D) propelled

14. When the player finally hit a homerun, the whole team got a boost of morale and gained some ______.

(A) bandwagon (B) impact (C) momentum (D) version

15. How can you believe him? What he says is full of _____ and seldom makes any sense.

(A) contradictions (B) destruction (C) premonitions (D) nominations

16. Unlike his _____, he adopted the advice from professionals.

(A) disciplines (B) denominators (C) enhancers (D) predecessors

17. Regular and moderate exercise is beneficial, but _______ exercise might do harm to your health.

(A) rugged (B) excess (C) enviable (D) immune

18. Seeing fish swim around the colorful coral ____ is the highlight of this trip.

(A) flick (B) sphere (C) crack (D) reef

19. Our volunteers include people from all ____ of life, from lawyers to street vendors.

(A) flocks (B) odds (C) hoods (D) walks

20.Those _____ guests form our overseas sister school were seated in the front row.

(A) distinguished (B) forward (C) starstruck (D) endeavored

II. Cloze Test: 47% ( 21-31:每題2; 32-56:每題1)


Creating a trend is not easy. For decades, people __(21)__ to thousands of advertisements each day. They become advertising-resistant and increasingly less __(22)__ to respond to traditional advertising. To launch new products that will sell, businesses try to discover potential trends through focus groups and online research. __(23)__, they can use coolhuntersresearchers that seek __(24)__ people and report on what they like and do. __(25)__ a company understands what the trend will be, it will create an association between its product and the trend through product placement. They might hire people to throw a party __(26)__ free product giveaways.

21. (A) expose (B) have exposed (C) have been exposing (D) have been exposed

22. (A) conscious (B) likely (C) coordinated (D) taxing

23. (A) Punctually (B) Reluctantly (C) Alternatively (D) Memorably

24. (A) innovative (B) inflatable (C) draining (D) permanent

25. (A) Unless (B) Once (C) Until (D) Lest

26. (A) diffusing into (B) cashing in on (C) rooted in (D) complete with


Much of da Vinci’s work in science and engineering __(27)__ the gap between medieval and modern thinking. In fact, da Vinci’s observational methods were so successful that his approach remained the __(28)__ method of scientific investigation until the 19th century. He made __(29)__ studies of fluids and simple machines, which made __(30)__ possible to design marvelous bridges, canals and dams. His understanding of water in its different forms enabled him to __(31)__ a steam-powered cannon and water-powered industrial machines.

27. (A) bridged (B) hulled (C) harnessed (D) littered

28. (A) dimensional (B) triangular (C) principal (D) multiple

29. (A) disturbing (B) extensive (C) lifelike (D) offensive

30. (A) him (B) that (C) them (D) it

31. (A) depose (B) impose (C) propose (D) dispose


Without a doubt, sugar tastes good. But do you know its bad effect __(32)__ the body? According to a recent study, drinking one to two sweet drinks a day __(33)__ the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Sugar can also change brain-wave activity, __(34)__ decreases your ability to think. So when you need energy, put down that candy bar and reach for some protein __(35)__. Remember to watch the amount of sugar you consume __(36)__ a daily basis so that you can lead a healthy life.

32. (A) for (B) on (C) to (D) in

33. (A) rises (B) arises (C) raises (D) arouses

34. (A) which (B) it (C) where (D) that

35. (A) therefore (B) otherwise (C) however (D) instead

36. (A) for (B) on (C) to (D) in


The word graffiti derives from the Greek term graphein, meaning “to write.” According to archeologists, the oldest existing examples of graffiti are from the ancient city of Pompeii __(37)__ many examples of graffiti carved on the walls are preserved as a result of volcanic ash. __(38)__ in these well-preserved graffiti are complaints about store owners or rough drawings of people. For thousands of years, graffiti have been __(39)__ into an art form. Despite its acceptance into the mainstream art, it still faces some opposition. Some embrace graffiti willingly, __(40)__ others dislike or even despise them. People disapprove __(41)__ graffiti on city walls because they view creating graffiti at will as __(42)__. Some may even __(43)__ the presence of graffiti in their neighborhoods a sign of danger lurking nearby. In the 1980s, many cities launched campaigns __(44)__ graffiti. The cities discouraged graffiti artists __(45)__ painting over the graffiti. Currently, graffiti artists are allowed to do their work on specially __(46)__ walls on a city and there are websites, books and videos featuring graffiti art available.

37. (A) which (B) , which (C) where (D) , where

38. (A) Including (B) Included (C) To include (D) Inclusive

39. (A) evolving (B) revolving (C) involving (D) devolving

40. (A) however (B) since

(C) while (D) nevertheless

41. (A) with (B) for (C) of (D) on

42. (A) exquisite (B) charisma (C) ingenious (D) vandalism

43. (A) find (B) record (C) regard (D) connect

44. (A) with (B) for (C) on (D) against

45. (A) from (B) for (C) by (D) in

46. (A) sponsored (B) multiplied (C) provoked (D) designated


Native Americans lived in harmony with nature. They __(47)__ every part of this earth to be sacred. Every pine needle, every sandy shore and every humming insect was not just part of their memory or experience __(48)__ their brother. The harmonious co-existence with nature encountered disruption when the white man __(49)__ to buy their land. Even though Chief Seattle, the person __(50)__, eventually agreed to sell the land to the white man, he reminded them that nature is sacred __(51)__ all things are connected.

47. (A) held (B) took (C) chanted (D) dealt

48. (A) rather than (B) as well as (C) but (D) nor

49. (A) told (B) reserved (C) suggested (D) offered

50. (A) in charge (B) on the cutting edge (C) around the corner (D) at present

51. (A) as if (B) or so

(C) and that (D) in case that


Language is fun. Everyone can derive a lot of pleasure from the natural playfulness of language. Pun, __(52)__ a play upon words, is one source of such fun. For example, in the verse, the author has fun with the word weather, __(53)__ which whether is similar __(53)__ sound. In another verse, the same sound that __(54)__ two or three meaningslike C, sea, and see can also bring us joy. __(55)__, you can also find instances of punch lines on posters and placards on which people play