五月 10, 2012


Listening test: 16%

Part 1: Picture Questions: 1 %

1. Look at the picture and answer the question.

Part 2: Best Response Questions: 3% for each

Listen to the question or statement and choose the best response.

2. (A) I borrowed it from one of my friend.

(B) It’s a huge book of two hundred pages.

(C) It’s Michael Lewis’s latest novel.

(D) It’s mainly about global warming.

3. (A) Too bad. You should’ve worn a helmet.

(B) Oh no! Can you walk properly now?

(C) I know. I see a small cut on your finger.

(D) I can’t believe you hurt your back again.

Part 3: Conversation Questions: 2% for each

Listen to each conversation and answer the question.

4. (A) There is too much waste in them.

(B) They don’t have enough water.

(C) The city doesn’t allow boats on them.

(D) Their surfaces have turned into ice.

5. (A) He likes the movies quite a lot.

(B) He likes the books more than movies.

(C) He didn’t really like the movies.

(D) He just started to read the books.

6. (A) The food was not cooked well.

(B) The meal was too expensive.

(C) They could not get the things they wanted.

(D) The waiters bothered them too many times.

Part 4: Short Talk Question: 3 %

Listen to the following paragraph and answer the questions.

7. (A) The Underground is still under construction.

(B) The boring machine is replaced by “the Tube”.

(C) London is home to the biggest metro system in the world.

(D) A great number of people died in the process of building the Underground.

Written Test: 84%

I. Vocabulary Choice: 12% (1% for each)

8. When you think you can’t work anymore, just do five more minutes. You can stretch your attention ____ by pushing your limits a little bit at a time.

(A) span (B) range (C) energy (D) assembly

9. Population growth ____ a serious issue in Bangladesh, where thousands of children are diagnosed with poor nutrition.

(A) whips (B) combines (C) remains (D) scolds

10. Since steel can be bent in any _____, roller coasters could suddenly go anywhere---even upside down!

(A) situation (B) direction (C) material (D) structure

11. Under ____ of darkness, they sneaked into the house to take away the genuine masterpiece of Claude Monet, Lilies.

(A) disclosure (B) revelation (C) blinkers (D) cover

12. I decided to install a security ____ after the shop was burgled. I can’t stand such a grand loss again.

(A) system (B) guard (C) meditation (D) presentation

13. Jason is the most ____ and caring person I have ever seen. He donates a lot of money to the orphanage.

(A) timid (B) liberal (C) pessimistic (D) generous

14. During the economical recession, many people have to take another part-time job to keep their ____ above water.

(A) neck (B) arms (C) chest (D) head

15. After the peace talk failed, there was a(n) ____ of tension in the two countries.

(A) interruption (B) atmosphere (C) collapse (D) harmony

16. There have been some problems with the new cellphone, but ___ it is still quite useful because it can serve quite a few purposes.

(A) obviously (B) incredibly (C) basically (D) thoroughly

17. My father was a good designer but he had no business ____. That’s why he went bankrupt years ago.

(A) character (B) sense (C) control (D) performance

18. What you just said was too ____ for me to understand. Can you give me some concrete examples?

(A) specific (B) extreme (C) abstract (D) detailed

19. When opening the Tomb of Tut, all the people gasped when they saw the well-_____ wall-paintings, which still

maintained their bright colors as thousands of years ago.

(A) demanded (B) conserved (C) reserved (D) preserved

II. Cloze: 36% (1 % for 20-29, 37-48)

(A) What is “nightmare”? Is it a prediction for the near future, or is it just a state of __(20)__? No one can know for sure about the definite answer. However, according to psychologists, nightmares can be regarded as signs of anxiety from work or __(21)__ to achieve self-fulfillment. Going naked in a dream suggests that you might be suffering __(22)__in real life. Without clothes, everything is exposed__(23)__ people. In this way, you become the target of __(24)__, and this is something you fear the most. Flying in a dream, another common theme, can be described __(25)__ an experience of freedom and joy. However, having trouble __(26)___ in the flight shows a lack of power in controlling your life situation, which may indicates your fear of falling in social __(27)__ in the reality. Failing a test, the biggest nightmare for students, also occurs in adults’ dreams. A dream __(28)__ you failed a test may be telling you that you are too worried that you are not meeting other people’s expectations of you. Look into your dreams and you will come to understand the hidden feelings that you are never aware of. __(29)__, the world of dreams can also be seen as the reflection of the reality.

20. (A) distress (B) strength (C) comfort (D) approval

21. (A) intention (B) temptation (C) failure (D) challenge

22. (A) humiliation (B) position (C) self-esteem (D) identity

23. (A) for (B) with (C) from (D) to

24.(A) analysis (B) imitation (C) joke (D) recognition

25.(A) into (B) with (C) as (D) about

26.(A) staying (B) stayed (C) stay (D) to stay

27. (A) post (B) ranking (C) order (D) status

28. (A) which (B) that (C) where (D) when

29. (A) In contrast (B) After all (C) In particular (D) In addition

(2% for 30-36)

(B) If you go to a buffet restaurant, you will see a lot of vegetables. Some are steamed __(30)__ some are sautéed. The vitamins and enzymes that make veggies so healthy are destroyed during cooking. Take broccoli for example. This vegetable is filled with a chemical that fights cancer, but heat __(31)__ that chemical to break down and become inactive. Besides, there is also health threat from meat. Research indicates that people who eat well-done meat are more __(32)__ to get the bladder cancer than those who have their meat rare. __(33)__ the above disadvantages of cooking food, don’t be in a haste to throw away your pots and pans just yet. Since people’s jaws aren’t very strong, cooked food is easier to chew. There are also many vegetables that actually__(34)__ in some ways with cooking. Carrots have a chemical that helps us make vitamin A, but our body can’t get much of it if the carrots are not cooked. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 48 million Americans get sick from food-__(35)__ illnesses every year. Many of those illnesses are caused by bacteria that could be destroyed by properly cooking your food. There are really a lot of __(36)__ about the raw food movement. Perhaps the wisest thing to do is to learn more about the food you eat and how cooking affects it. Then, you can live a healthy life.

30. (A) because (B) while (C) when (D) since

31. (A) makes (B) causes (C) leads (D) introduces

32. (A) possible (B) potential (C) likely (D) risky

33. (A) Thanks to (B) Due to (C) Despite (D) Although

34. (A) improve (B) transform (C) mutate (D) decompose

35. (A) unrelated (B) interacted (C) borne (D) transferred

36. (A) for and against (B) in and out (C) pros and cons (D) opinions and facts

(C) All the water on Earth goes through a continuous cycle. Water in the ocean, the lake, and the river keeps __(37)__ into the air as it is heated. Then the vapor cools down and condenses in the air. __(38)__ the vapor gets together, clouds form. __(39)__, clouds hold so many water particles that they cannot stand it any more. It is the time when __(40)__ occurs. Water falls back to the earth during the process in the form of rain, snow, or hail. It may be stored underground or in the ocean, the lake, and the river. It may also __(41)__ into human bodies or leaves of plants. One day, when it is heated, it becomes vapor again and continues the cycle. One __(42)__ about the origin of the water on Earth is that the impact of a comet left some ice crystals, which is believed to be the earliest form of water. __(43)__, the intensive eruptions of volcanoes also contributed to the birth of rivers and seas. One interesting fact about water is that the rain that falls today is the same rain that fell when dinosaurs walked the earth because Earth is a closed system that gets no __(44)__ matters. We human beings, who just came into existence on Earth no more than two million years ago, are supposed to feel __(45)__ about this. Today, water __(46)__ 70 percent of the earth’s surface, but most areas on Earth are suffering from water __(47)__ because of the poor distribution of rain and fresh water. To make sure water cycle can go on and on for another century, humans have to __(48)__ some measures to reduce water consumption. Just do what you can now.

37. (A) regulating (B) generating (C) evaporating (D) distracting

38. (A) As (B) Since (C) Because (D) If

39. (A) Sometimes (B) In a time (C) In no time (D) Over time

40. (A) condensation (B) precipitation (C) transpiration (D) evaporation

41. (A) affect (B) travel (C) fly (D) bounce

42. (A) ideal (B) statement (C) statistics (D) theory

43. (A) In fact (B) Instead (C) However (D) Besides

44. (A) similar (B) weird (C) extra (D) vital

45. (A) humble (B) arrogant (C) inferior (D) defensive

46. (A) makes up (B) turns out (C) puts out (D) takes up

47. (A) shortage (B) pollution (C) composition (D) thrill

48. (A) do (B) take (C) create (D) work

III. Passage Completion: 10% (1% for each) Choose the letter of the correct usage.

(A) elegant

(B) respective

(C) magnificent

(D) zone

(E) extravagant

(AB) pavilion

(AC) buried

(AD) priceless

(AE) baking

(BC) boasts

(BD) respectful

(BE) practices

The traditional buildings on Lanyu are another Tao cultural treasure. The main part of the buildings is __(49)__ underground, protecting the homes from Lanyu’s strong winds. Another kind of building that can be seen in Lanyu is the “laziness __(50)__”. This is built near the sea to provide a place where tourists can sit back and relax without __(51)__ under the summer sun. Besides its cultural attractions, Lanyu also __(52)__ a rich ecology. The island is considered a paradise for divers, with colorful coral and fish forming a __(53)__ underwater garden. At night, grab a flashlight and go on an eco-trip! You may be lucky enough to see the small __(54)__ scops-owl or hear its special call. You can also check out the tidal __(55)__ by night to observe the habits of crabs. The unique culture and rich ecology of Lanyu are __(56)__ . It’s important to experience Lanyu with an open and __(57)__ mind. Never make any comment on their customary __(58)__. In this way you will admire how the Tao people live in peace with nature.

IV. Vocabulary: 14% (1% for each)

1. Jeremy was badly injured in the c____n with another player in the game yesterday. While he was jumping up to catch the

ball, a player just bumped into him, leaving him motionless for seconds.

2. I a____e your job offer; however, I have to decline it because I am satisfied with my current job.

3. As the proverb goes, “ Blessings often come in d____e.” You can never know what would happen to you until the end.

4. Be careful with what you are going to say. Sometimes you may i____t others with some offensive expressions.

5. There is a d___c twist at the end of the story. The ending is beyond the readers’ expectations.

6. This book is quite useful because it lists the medicinal p___ties of wild plants that are commonly seen in Taiwan.

7. If you find it time-consuming to finish a heavy book, browsing the table of c____ts is a quick way to find the

information you need.

8. There are sufficient s____ies to sustain all of the refugees in the shelter. Each of them will get enough food and medicine.

9. The explorer traveled across the dazzling desert in p___t of the lost city, the City of Gold.

10. Although your idea is terrific, you need someone capable to e____e it or it is just a castle in the air.

11. Greece, a country in debts, is encouraging its people to cut down on their expenses of l____ries to ride through the financial crisis.

12. What you have proposed is without any f____n unless you can offer further evidences or proof to back up your idea.

13. The f____zing cold pierced into my skin, leaving me trembling in the wind.

14. Veronica paid a visit to her teacher last week, who she had lost contact with for more than 10 years. To her utter a___t, her teacher still remembered her name.

V. Translation: 12% (each is 3%)

1. 我平日浪費越多時間 週末要做的事就越多(The more ----)

2. 由於學業壓力超過3/5的高中生沒有規律運動的習慣

3. 由於天然資源逐漸耗盡,所以人類應正視環保的議題。

4. 許多有健康意識的人會在假日選擇腳踏車作為交通工具。

Answer Sheet Class: No: Name:

IV. Vocabulary: 14% (1% for each)